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Новые фотообои в ванной 🗻
A short update sprinkled with an assortment of photo's. 
Above Kamchatka (Far-East Russia).

Then, I came across a couple of articles on spirituality and hot springs with the correct geographical spread. 
First off an article (Nov. 19) on (hot) springs in Kazachstan by Holyandhealingwells:
'Hot springs are found in the mountainous regions and indeed appear to attract a mystical belief. Alex Lee explains on the website of Kazakh culture, Edgekz, a familiar tradition to readers of this blog:
“Springs are sources of healing and spirituality in many cultures, and near Kazakhstan’s hot and cold springs, you can still see ribbons tied to trees, which locals have tied there when they make wishes on the magical waters.”

The laying of ribbons being a custom widespread across England and in Europe. One of the most famed of these hot springs is Rakhmanovsky Springs, a remote spring though to relieve pain, improve heart and circulatory problems and even slow aging and help regeneration. The reason for the later belief may derive from a local story linked to its discovery. This is named after a local hunter who discovered the spring following a wounded deer. Being ready to finish it off he watched amazed as the fatally wounded animal lay in the hot waters and was apparently healed, running away from the hunter unharmed. Understandably amazed by what he saw he did not shoot it but told the locals of what he saw.
Other springs in the country are famed for hydrocarbonate and sulphate waters as well as silica, bromide, iodine and even Radon. The east of Kazakhstan boasts thermal hot springs with sulphate and hydrocarbonate waters. Additionally, Kazakhstan offers silicic water springs, as well as bromide and iodine waters. Bromide water calms one’s nerve system and also has anti-inflammatory effects, while iodine is considered helpful for gastrointestinal tract diseases with atherosclerosis and thyroid dysfunction.
Perhaps the most established is the Alma Arasan hot spring established as a spa in 1886 for rheumatism, metabolic disease, blood problems with over 2000 patients seeking its waters a year. These waters have a temperature 35-7 C and said to be radioactive much like the Pyrenean Aix Les Bains. This might explain why it is claimed that those poisoned by heavy metals such as lead will get cured'.

From the Kazakh hot spring of Chundzhu. premiumsparesort_almaty
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More holy springs, this time from Tibet. Tibettravel (Sep. 30):
'Lhasa is also attractive amongst a wide spectrum of tourists for its large storehouse of the various hot springs. The waters of these hot springs are indeed very magical for the fact they possess some supernatural quality of healing. Moreover the water of these hot springs are rich storehouses of sulphur, iodine, chlorine fluorine and all other such types of elements required for the cure of certain ailments in the body.The hot springs in Tibet find a mention as early as the onset of true Tibetan civilizations. Hot springs are regarded with great importance in several Buddhist scriptures also. These historical records show that hot springs in Tibet are not only the region of luxury but also necessity. They have a remarkable healing power for ailments like rheumatism, cardiovascular problems, skin problems and even pulmonary problems.In a recent research it has been found that Tibet is the home of about 1000 hot springs containing waters at variable temperatures. While some contain boiling waters, there are others where the water is luke warm'.
The article explores 4 hot springs nearby. It concludes with some tips:
• Do not enter the spring if you are drunk.• It is very natural that while you take your bath, the skin may turn reddish. Do not fret about that'.
Found on alanya-travels: a tour along Tajik hot springs along the Pamir valley.

What to expect:

Bath with a view
Part of the story (, Aug. 20): 
'The road got more and more amazing. Epic valley after epic valley kept turning up after every corner. When we saw a small pool on the side of the road we stopped to check it out. It was warm! So we decided to take a bath with an epic view.
Elsewhere in Tajikistan, Johan Smits reporting in Travel starts at 40 (Oct.) explains what a visit to a Tajik sanatorium entails:
'If someone asked you to sit naked on a bottomless chair and have radio-active water sprayed upwards onto your private parts, you might be forgiven for raising an eyebrow or two. Yet, that’s precisely what I willingly subjected myself to at Khoja Obi Garm, a Soviet-era sanatorium high up in the mountains of Tajikistan. What’s more, I might visit it again'.

No pictures of this, though the surroundings are astounding. 

More on the (ex-) Soviet sanatorium culture can be found in this article on the calvert journal.

One of the stranger places that we’ve come across in the Wakhan valley. Garmchashma is a sulfur mineral hot spring with an average temp of 60 C. The apparent healing power of the sulphate draws locals with all sorts of skin conditions. #hotspring #sulphur #summer #centralasia #tajilkistan#гармчашма #skin #nature

avlazarus being happy at Vashisht hot spring:
#hotspring #vashishthotspring #himalayas#india #himachalpradesh#happyhippie#manali #vashisht #вашишт #манали#гималаи#горячийисточник#горячииисточниквашишт
Spiritual relevance:
'Nearby Manali, Vashisht is a small village known for the holy Vashisht temple and hot water spring. Having separate bathing provisions for men and women, Vashisht spring is known to have medicinal properties. The mythological importance of this site has made Vashisht one of the most well known hot water springs in India'.
Fortunately not the most visited ...

I now seem to have run out of spirituality, so it's back to hedonism for the final picture, that of Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh (India).

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mihamoroz in/on Kamchatka somewhere:
Советская геология нанесла большой вред окружающей среде. Но какая же все-таки интересная жизнь была у советских геологов, которых отправляли на разведку в никем нехоженые дали в поисках драгоценных металлов, полезных ископаемых, термальных источников. Они проходили тропами коренных народов, проезжали там, где не ступала нога человека, нанося на карту названия вершин, рек, озер и долин. Мы в свою очередь идем по стопам тех геологов, находя подобные остатки их активной деятельности. #накраюземли#термальныйисточник #travel #readyfilms#wild #filming #живунакамчатке #hotspring#путешествия #кино
With winter well and truly underway in the northern hemisphere, I was planning to share a couple of wintery finds, however it seems that the exotic and less colder finds will rule.

We start off far-eastwards and wind ourselves to the west keeping the Himal to our south then to pick up a couple from the southern slopes. 

Above Far-East Russia, below Kyrgyzstan, then on to Tajikistan.

seitekkhaan at Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan)
Hot spring, with Japanese friends. #hotsprings #hotspring #japanesetv#komatsubara
tkhrkan visits Garam Chashma (Tajikistan)
ワハーン回廊沿いにある温泉地、ガラムチャシマ。乳白色の温泉は皮膚に良いらしく、湯温も丁度よく、歩き疲れた体には最高のご褒美でした。実は温泉大国タジキスタン。ワハーン回廊沿いだけで5ヶ所ある。3つは行ったが残り2つは体調不良の為坂道を登れず断念。#タジキスタン #パミール高原 #ワハーン回廊 #ワハーン回廊徒歩旅 #温泉 #ガラムチャシマ #garamchashma
Hot Spring Jylandi part 2 - Besides its incredible nature, #Pamir #Mountains in Tajikistan also offer some incredible #hot #springs. This example was to be found in a deserted #Soviet building at more than 4000 meters #altitude. No village of #community to be found in the near vicinity. #deserted #remote #intothewild #hotsprings

We remain in Tajikistan with these two photo's of the same Jylandi hot spring and then head to Wakhan proper (I believe).

Hot Spring Jylandi part 1  
Taking some time to #unwind in a #natural #hotspring #bath. 🗻🛀🙏 #relax #tranquil #nature #Tajikistan #love #travel
mier_kayy in Pakistan's Garam Chasma
Nu pa garamay k pa garma cheshma k sa k
On the southern flanks of the Himal, a similar sounding Garam Chasma,  but this time in Pakistan. Followed by two experiences from the Indian part of the Himalaya (below).

The best motivation for an adventure#sacred #hotsprings #temple #himalayan #jewel #kirganga #trekking#paravativalley #healing #water #ladytime
On our drive up to Gangotri, we stopped at a natural hot spring for a bath in the middle of the mountains 🌲🌲 #yogi #yogini #yogagirl #travel #travelbug #hotsprings #himalayas #india

Cumpleaños pasado por agüita caliente. "Naturaleza, nunca dejarás de sorprenderme"Hot springs en Jagat.#nepal #instagood #instanepal #trip #travel #mochileo #hotsprings #nature
Continuing back eastwards, little visited hotsprings from Nepal. Above Jagat is on the way to Manang while below I will have to guess: guess that it's also Jagat?

🐞🌴Young & free🌴🐞#annapurna#treeking#hotsprings#nature#nepal#mountains#wildlife#rio#culo#river#entorno#freedom#happy#salvaje#colors#goodtime#viveelpresente
Once in a while so somewhere which is unspoiled by human beings ..#hotspring
Above in Sikkim lower reaches (Legship), below the higher reaches at the end of Yumthang valley. Rounding off with a singular hot spring from Bhutan.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.... This is the biggest one yet.. The perfect balance of nature and serenity. #yumthangvalley #15000ft#hotsprings
at Wangdue Phodrang, central Bhutan:
In a beautiful valley 2 1/2 days trekking over high passes, you’ll find seven natural hot springs in little huts, free for those that wish to come and be healed by the soothing mineral waters. I felt honored that we were there, our weary bodies, aching after 26 days at over 14’000 ft, finally got some respite. The preserved Yak meat we ate for dinner wasn’t so wonderful (a bit of a gag fest) ##hotsprings #bhutan #backpacking#thesnowmantrek #womenover55#adventuretravel #malabeads
Do life 

bigray523 possibly near Daocheng Yading (Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan)
秘境 #hotspring
Hopping over the divide a couple of finds from Sichuan. 

maerue at Ronghui hot spring (Chongqing, Sichuan)
They say warm water is the cure for everything. I definitely agree after jumping into over 20 hot-springs while drinking tea and getting a massage. Chinese know how to do life. #china #chongqing #xiexie #spaday#hotsprings #travelphotography #instatravel#relaxingday #worldbummler #instagirl#travellingthroughtheworld

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Big dreams

There's no better place for yoga 🖤#WHPdreambig #yoga #snow #hotsprings #northsikkim #incredibleindia
While the northern hemisphere of Asia (basically everything) currently is experiencing it's summer, lets look at even hotter places to enjoy: hot springs of Himal (and more).

Spiced up with some photo's. 

Ah, the above from the former independent Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim, now incorporated in India, probably at the end of Yumthang valley.

Just a short hop westwards, across the border, you'll end up in Bhutan:

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it~ Sydney J Harris.
#gasabhutan #gasatsachu #gasatrip #myfirsttriptogasa #hotsprings #hotspringbath
But let's start with some news.

China Daily (May 5) mentions how soaking tourism is assisting Tibetan efforts at income generation:
'Born into a poverty-stricken household in Dagdong village, the Tibet autonomous region, Kelsang Jampa never imagined that one day he would own a new house with a neat courtyard. 
Tourists camp in front of the ruins of Tsangyang Gyatso's manor, visit the 900-year-old peach tree there and look around the ancient temples in the village'.
Ok, so what has hot springs to do with this? The article adds:
'The regional government hopes that by the end of 2020, all farmers and herdsmen engaged in tourism will be able to earn an average annual income of 16,000 yuan.
"This year, we will spend 90 million yuan to build a hotel and a hot spring resort," said Tobgye, head of the township.
It is estimated that Dagdong will receive 150,000 tourists this year, bringing 40,000 to 60,000 yuan in revenue for each family'. 
So not natural? Or natural but currently non-existent? I couldn't find any other references, so I'm a bit unsure. 
What the above does spell out, is how China (and with it many other Asian governments) hopes hot springs bring in money. Little conservation.

Below elsewhere (?) in Tibet:

This is how #everest2017 expedition day 35 looks like
#hotsprings #calmbeforethestorm
@marmot_mountain_europe @lyofood
The Economic Times reports (Jul. 27) on the political struggle:
'China and India have jockeyed for centuries over the Himalayas. The Chinese military invaded Tibet in 1950. India granted asylum to the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader, in 1959. Three years later, the two countries fought a border war. Now they are in a standoff over an area disputed by China and Bhutan, the Himalayan kingdom whose claim is supported by India. The two countries’ latest struggle is over which one will be able to formally tie the ancient practice of Tibetan medicine to its national patrimony. The prize: international cachet and the possibility of significant commercial rewards. 
China’s recent UNESCO application said that Tibetan hot-spring and herbal-bath therapies — known as lum medicinal bathing — were “developed by the Tibetan people” and are popular across much of western China, including the Tibet Autonomous Region'.
Unfortunately neither seems intent on the following, even though it seems a very Himal practice. Of the yesteryears? 

ueen_maedbh at Kheerganga:
Nudey Hot springs in India 💦💦🔮🚿🌏🙏🏽🙏🏽🌜🌞 with meh pal luceh. #india #travelphotography #hotsprings #himachalpredesh #jaimatadi🙏
The district of Myagdi central Nepal counts itself lucky. The Himalayan Times (March 19):
'Fourteen new sources of hot springs have been identified at various places in Myagdi district.
“Five new sources of hot springs were found along the Maygdi River bank at Beni
Municipality-13 in the district and nine others along the river bank of Kali Gandaki,” said Birendraman Shakya, Chair of Singa Tatopani Kunda  Management Committee.
The water from the hot springs is said to contain several minerals as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Because of the presence of these minerals, the hot springs, which measure to over 50 degree Celsius,  are believed to relieve ailments linked with joints, gastritis and  skin.
“Most of the newly identified thermal springs fall in the Annapurna trekking circuit and may serve as tourist destinations as trekkers can enjoy taking a dip in the hot spring,” said Shakya.
On an average, over 20,000 people take a bath in the old hot springs in the district annually, shared Shakya, adding that the newly-found thermal springs will have an upgrade.
There are over 32 identified hot springs across the country'.
दिर्घ राेगिहरूका लागि उचित गन्तव्य The natural medicament hot spring center Tatopani Kunda, Myagdi
source (half 'n hour of hot soaks of the Himal)
A short dip inside a small #hotspring in the outskirts of #lomanthang by the #kaligandakiriver. #colors #colorsofnepal #colorsoftheearth #colorsofnature #travel #trekking #nepalphotoproject #nofilter
An avid fan of Khamchatka, it seems like there's an never-ending source, source of hot water. A couple of examples:

A bear ate our gear [What? Read more here], but at least the hot springs were nice. 🗻🌿🌛#kamchatka #travel #russia #goexplore #friluftsliv #hotsprings #keepitwild #travelblog #adventure #optoutside
Дикие Озерки ) #озерки #источники #горячиеисточники #отдых #природа
Heading eastwards, what about Mongolia? And Kyrgyzstan?

bazze_ezzab at Tsenheriin Haluun Rashaan, Arhangai
Oasis during #roadtrip
#hotspring #Mongolia
А потом мы сидели в скальных ваннах и наслаждались видом гор и шумом реки 💕 🏞 #amazing #vacation #altynarashan #hotsprings #kyrgyzstan
Another favourite of mine is Tajikistan:

Four damaged guys relaxing their tortured bones in the hot springs of Bibi Fatima. To go there you have to survive 8km of extreme natural road. #bibifatima #hotspring
teisphotography (above and below, outside / inside):
Go inside the blue door and enter the amazing #hot #spring Isbulak. Finding it can be a challenge as there is no actual road taking you there. Driving through open field as far as the eye can see and ending up at this gem at an altitude of 4000m was another priceless experience on our trip. #hotsprings #travelphotography #travels #Tajikistan #centralasia #spa #desolate #remote

And now we're back where we started: India 

pooja14virgo at Munsyari Uttarakhand:
Photo edit by @basanti.t.rawat #goririver #hotspring